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                     Partial Listing
                                        AMERICAN SOCIETY
                                                 OF ARTISTS
                                           MAY 13 -
                                27th Annual Arts &
                            Crafts Adventure
                                          Hodges Park
                                       Park Ridge IL 
                                       (see Park Ridge-
                                             May    page)   
                                A UG. 26-27 -
                                 43rd Annual
                         Oak Park  Ave-Lake                            Arts &  Crafts Show
                                     Oak Park IL
                              (see Oak Park Show                                                        Page)
                           SEPT. 16 -
                         27th Annual Fall
                            Arts &  Crafts
                                    Hodges Park
                Park Ridge IL
                                 (see Park Ridge -
                                       Sept   Page)
Interested In Exhibiting -
New Non-Member Exhibitors - you are invited to jury with us:
on-line - only to Asoaartists@aol.com  Please submit 4 images representative of your work you wish to exhibit, 1 of your display set-up, your first/last name, physical address, daytime telephone number - resume/show listing helpful.
U.S. Mail - same as above but please include self-addressed, stamped business-size (No. 10) envelope. Submit to ASA, PO Box 1326, Palatine IL 60078   Note: no mail that needs to be signed for - delays receipt
Members & Currently Juried Non-Members wishing to receive applications by e-mail submit request to Asoaartists@aol.com & request specific show applications. To receive applications by U.S. Mail send a self-addressed, stamped business-size (No. 10) envelope and request specific applications. Send to ASA, PO Box 1326, Palatine IL 60078
Note: Members are sent show listings/applications automatically and do not need to request unless needing additional applications
Show Visitors/Patrons - W ould you like to be added to our Patron E-List to receive notification of events? Please e-mail us at asoa@netzero.com with Patron E-List in the subject line. If you would like to be notified only for specific events, please let us know, Your in-put on how far in advance you would like to be notified would be appreciated. We normally notify two weeks ahead. If we can be of any other assistance, please let us know, Thank You for your interest!
Who We Are - American Society of Artists is a National Professional Membership Organization.
The American Artisans (Crafts Division) is an integral part of American Society of Artists. The Special Arts Services Division was originally formed as a separate division to encourage involvement for artists with disabilities . However, it was quickly determined it was best to incorporate it into American Society of Artists as a whole with our Special Arts Services Director overseeing the fact that we retain a unique awareness in this area. .
ASA also provides other services for its members including a number of art shows, art and craft shows and has done so for 45 years presenting shows throughout Illinois and other states throughout the Midwest and beyond including many in St. Louis MO and its suburban area plus over 200 shows in the North Michigan Avenue/ Downtown area of Chicago as well as a great many additional shows throughout Chicago  and the Chicago suburban area as well as throughout Illinois.  Shows & other functions of the Society are overseen by our Area Representatives and Show Officials, themselves talented artists & craftsartists. Each event is juried and open to qualified non-members as well as members. Qualified members & others assist greatly with each event serving as Show Officials and helping with oher aspects of shows. 
American Society of Artists has been in existence for 45 years & changes to suit the needs of its membership. We have, at various times, had a gallery on N. Michigan Ave and a showroom in the Merchandise Mart where members exhibited & sold their work.   
Membership  -
 Interested in Membership? Please jury first with 4 images representative of your work . If you wish to exhibit, please include one of your display set-up. Also include your first/last name, physical address, daytime telephone number and please be sure and indicate you are specifically interested in membership. Submit to Asoaartists @aol.com. As  certain categories can be filled, we sugest you email us first to make certain your catgory/medium is open.  (example: paintings/ watercolors )   -   ( example jewelry/silver) Note that the examples do not mean those categories are currenlty filled -  used for examples only.)
Questions???  -
MEMBERS  - Please see FAQ page .  Need additional information?  Email us at Asoaartists@aol.com
NON-MEMBERS -  Please see FAQ page .  Need additional information?  Email us at Asoaartists@aol.com
NEW EXHIBITORS -  P lease see FAQ page .  Need additional information?  Email us at Asoaartists@aol.com 
POTENTIAL EXHIBITORS/POTENTIAL MEMBERS - - Please see FAQ page .  Still need additional information?  Email us at Asoaartists@aol.com
SHOW  VISITORS/PATRONS -  Please see FAQ page . Need additional information?  Email us at asoa@netzero.com        
Publicity     -  See Publicity Page for current publicity.     
Contact Us  - See Contact Page.        

We are committed to making decisions without regard to race, religion, color, national origin, disability, military discharge status, parental status, sexual orientation or age.
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Members -
receive show listings/applications automatically

Non-Member -
If you have passed jury - see Members & Currently Juried Non-Members this page under Interested In Exhibiting for info as to how to receive applications.

Non-Member -
If you have not yet passed jury with us please see New Non-Member Exhibitors this page under I nterested In Exhibiting for info as to how to receive applications.

S how Visitors/  Patrons  please see info to the right on this page under Show Visitors/Patrons

Patrons selecting work
Group of Patrons Vieweing Artist's Work
Artist at Work in her booth at show